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Celebrity Baba is the No.1 website. Because this website has been extensively researched. To ensure that the correct information is available to everyone.

Many people enjoy learning about the characters in films, along with the movie itself. People love to learn about their favorite actors, actress and villains.

This website contains information about your favorite celebrities. Like what is the net worth for any celebrity? What is the family of Celebrity? What is his Career story? How does a celebrity make their income? You will also learn about the Unknown Biography and interesting facts of your favourite celebrity.

Bollywood – Bollywood is not used to describe all Indian cinema. However, some people use the term for Indian cinema. Indian cinema use more than 20 languages to make film. That’s why Hindi films are also called Bollywood. Bollywood movies are loved all over the world.

Tollywood – Tollygunge is located in Kolkata, Bengal’s capital, and used to be the heart of the Bengali film industry. Tollywood was created in 1932. Wilford E. Deming, a sound engineer, was the first to coin the term. American Cinematographer magazine was the first to use this term.

Hollywood – Although Hollywood began with H.J. Vitale (H.J. Whitley). He is known as the “Father of Hollywood”. Hollywood was once a small area that was merged into the city of Los Angeles. The Hollywood district, located in central Los Angeles in California’s US state of California, was the name of the American film industry.

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Celebrity Baba – Know your favourite celebrity

Celebrity Baba
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